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Every little corner at Pandanus Spa is a journey of mind, body and spirit, finding the peace and quiet of an authentic relaxation space. 

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Team of experts
A team of technicians is trained according to standards and is dedicated to helping customers feel the vitality of their bodies after just one treatment.
Prestigious brand
Proud to be a spa trusted by many international and domestic guests, chosen as a place to take care of beauty as well as inner health
Modern machine
The treatment process is used with modern machinery and equipment to help the treatment process always bring the best feeling and comfort to the patient.
Professional service
Pandanus Spa fully meets the quality standards of a luxurious, prestigious and quality spa.
Every little corner at Pandanus Spa is a journey of mind, body and spirit, finding the peace and quiet of an authentic relaxation space. The combination of traditional Vietnamese warmth and liberal style, the team of experts at Pandanus Spa have designed extremely impressive and scientific relaxing massages for you and your loved ones.


What customers say about Pandanus Spa

Customer satisfaction is our greatest success

Customers from Korea

호이안 최고의 마사지샵입니다. 판다누스 주변 마사지샵3곳과 한인 마사지 1곳 중 가족4명이 만점을 줄 정도로 최고 중에 최고입니다. 마사지 관리사들 너무 친절하고 웰컴드링크와 과일 너무 맛있습니다. 팔찌선물도 너무 이뻐요. 스케쥴이 안맞아서 마지막 날 이곳을 알게된게 너무 아쉽습니다.
이곳은 무조건 적극 추천합니다.💕💕💕

Customers from Korea

남편 90분 스톤마사지.저는 90분 시그니쳐 마사지 받았어요.정말 최고로 친절하고 좋았답니다.
남편은 베트남와서 받은 마사지중 최고라고 하네요.
다낭으로 보내주신 픽업차량 깨끗했구요.
직원들 너무 친절하셨어요.
마사지사들도 친절하고 실력좋으셨구요.
마사지 전 음료.마사지 후 망고와 음료.마사지 후 팔찌 선물도 좋았어요^^
그리고 예약을 카톡으로 할수있어요.
한국분들 이용하시기 좋아요^^
너무 너무 만족했어요.다시 방문할께요

Customers from US

D Stewart
This place is wonderful! The setting is beautiful, the people who work there are kind, the treatments are very good and very professional, and I love the mango slices and tea they serve at the end of each treatment. They'll pick you up and drop you off too, but I've never used that service because it's not too long of a walk for me. I've already had 5 massages there in the past 15 days, and I'll probably have 2 more before I leave next week. The prices are a little higher than other places in town, but the service more than makes up for the additional cost.


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Address: 21 Phan Đình Phùng, Cẩm Sơn, Hội An, Quảng Nam

Hotline: + 8493 555 27 33




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